19th August, 2014

Firstly, it’s absolutely devastating that the Islamic State can continue to operate with all it’s done. And I cannot even begin on the Yazidi people being butchered. Or the countless Muslim and Christian peoples who live in both northern Iraq and Syria that face this growing monster.

James Foley went missing nearly two years ago in north Syria, and sadly it appears that his kidnapping has ended in tragedy. I cannot begin to imagine the duress and torture he’s been in these past two years. And that he was made to suffer is apparent.

Reading the transcripts and watching the video in question is sickening. Absolutely sickening. Such a terrible end to an innocent man who just so happened to be from the United States.

It truly bothers me when frontline correspondents and journalists are killed in the line of duty. Their profession is nothing short of bravery, and similar to aid workers and the like, they should never fear being where they are, or doing what they do.

31st July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

have you ever met Isaac?

Nah, I’m waiting for him to meet me lol

27th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Please tell me you still have a crush on Isaac? :)

Putting it simply, yes :)